Collection System

The Hatfield Township Municipal Authority (hereafter “HTMA” or “Authority”) owns and operates approximately eighty (80) miles of mainline sewers. About half of this collection system, the older portion, was built using vitrified clay pipe. Newer sewer lines are constructed using PVC pipe. In general, the Authority owns and maintains the mainline sewers referenced above and the service lateral that begins at the connection of the sewer main and ends at the right-of-way which is then the property building sewer. The building sewer including the sewer yard trap and vent is the homeowner’s responsibility to maintain.

HTMA owns and operates various pieces of equipment used to investigate and clean the sewers and make minor repairs. A staff composed of a Collection System Manager, four Road Crew employees and an Inspector perform these tasks.

One of the largest challenges confronted by the Authority is the infiltration and inflow of rainwater into the collection system. Every gallon of groundwater or rainwater runoff that enters the collection system creates less capacity in the sewer for domestic sewage thereby limiting township growth. Inflow and infiltration’s increased flow also contributes to higher energy and equipment costs at the wastewater treatment plant.

Here at the Hatfield Township Municipal Authority, we are dedicated to providing the most efficient, cost effective and environmentally safe wastewater collection system and treatment plant to assure our residents that their service needs will be met in a responsible manner.

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