Plumber/Contractor Information

“The master plumber or utility contractor utilized by the property owner must be registered with the Township, own its equipment, and have appropriate insurance, in compliance with industry standards, to perform such work.”

All plumbers/contractors MUST BE registered in Hatfield Township.  Please contact the Township if you have any questions regarding registration at 215-855-0900.

1. Hatfield Township Municipal Authority will determine if the video inspection passes or fails.  It is not up to the plumber/contractor to make a determination or to give an opinion to the property owner regarding the video inspection. 


2.  It is required that the entire exterior building lateral be TV’d. Therefore, if your equipment cannot complete the inspection from exterior home/building wall to the sewer main in the street, the inspection will be considered incomplete. 


3. If your camera equipment cannot maneuver through a trap, and you are unable to video from building to street, the inspection is incomplete.  Interior drain lines are not included in this ordinance, therefore a video of the these drain lines is not an acceptable alternative to the exterior private sewer lateral.  


4. If there is a 6” cleanout in the service lateral within the ‘Right-of-way’ it is authorized by Hatfield Township Municipal Authority to use that cleanout for the purpose of completing the inspection only.  


5. The report is to be completed in its entirety by the plumber/contractor to include the signature page indicating you have read the instructions.


6. The video must be submitted on a flash drive (USB), no other formats will be accepted.  There are no exceptions to this requirement.


Note – It is the contractor’s responsibility to supply the completed report (including instruction signature page) and proper video submission to the property owner/realtor or Hatfield Township Municipal Authority. 


Below you will find links to documents pertaining to the Lateral Inspection Program

Instructions/signature page
Lateral Video Inspection form
Grinder Pump Inspection form
Ordinance #696 - Private Sewer Lateral Inspections

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